How To Increase Subscribers On Facebook

By | January 7, 2012

In September 2011 Facebook introduced the subscribe button to allow people subscribe to your public updates without being your friend. If you have already allowed people to subscribe to your public and want to increase your subscriber base then this is right place for you.

How to increase number of public subscribers

1. Some people already increasing their subscribers by playing with the minds of people, like if you go to subscription suggestion you will rush to subscribe to those people who have Co-founder at Facebook or works at Facebook or anything like that beneath their name without bothering to go to their profile, theses people exploit this weakness intentionally on unintentionally by adding Facebook in their work history. This is not the good way to increase subscribers although it gives good results in less amount of time.

2. Another way to increase subscribers is to share interesting updates publicly so the other people want to subscribe to you.

3. Another good way to increase subscribers is to add the subscribe button in your website or blog.

4. One more way which many people are following is subscribe to me and i will subscribe to you (don’t know if it is good or bad).

5. The last way which i am sharing with you is also not recommended. Before going into this trick you have to know that how people are subscribed to you, the first way is they find your updates interesting and click on your subscribe button, the second way is someone wants to be your friend and thats why he sends the request to you, until you confirm the request the person will be you Public Subscriber. The number shown in your profile are public subscribers not friend subscribers, so if you will confirm the request you subscribers will decrease by 1.

The question here arises is how to increase the friend requests to increase subscribers?

So here comes a naughty little trick, this trick requires that your friends suggest you to his friends.

The first way to do this is:

  1. Click the   at the top of your friend’s profile (timeline), then click the Suggest Friends link.
  2. Select the friend(s) you want to suggest. To find a particular friend, you can type their name in the Find Friends field or scroll through your complete Friends List. You can click the Filter Friends dropdown to sort your friends by network or Friend List.
  3. Once you make all of your selections, click the Send Suggestions button. Each friend that you selected will receive an invitation to add your friend as a friend.

The second way is, your friends has to go to some of his friend’s profile and click on suggest friends as shown below for timeline profile.

After that he has to select you as suggestion.

At the end if you receive requests to confirm friends that means your subscribers are increasing , but if your receive requests to add friends then your subscribers are not increasing.

Note: Please don’t look at my subscribers.

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  1. Pawan

    Really helpful and i wanted add a point that don’t reject any friend request if you found the person stranger and never confirm the request this will add to your subscriber.

  2. Johne88

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