Facebook fan page customization using Static HTML: iframe tabs

By | October 5, 2011

After the depreciation of Static FBML app many applications for Facebook fan page customization has been developed since then in which most famous of them is Static HTML: iframe tabs. The reason for its popularity is its user friendly interface with FBML support.

You can easily add iframe tabs through this application in your desired page, just follow theses steps:

Step 1: Visit the application page from here.

Step 2: Click on Add to my Page link located at the left side of page.

Step 3: Select the page in which you want to add iframe tab and click on Add to Page button.

You have now successfully added the tab to your page, to start editing your tab go to your page and click on newly added tab with the name Welcome, by clicking on it will take you to the editor box here you will be putting all your content including HTML code with CSS and images link.

You can also enable FBML if you want to put FBML in editor box, but as the FBML will be depreciated in 2012, its better to use HTML with JavaScript.

How to Add Social Plug-ins to your page tab:
You can almost add all plug-ins available here including:

To add any desired plug-in select the plug-in you want to add and after customization get the HTML5 code and paste it in the editor box of your page tab.

Other Features:
You can also use this app to show specific content to your fans, for this you have to use the second box and all the content which you will put in the second box will be visible to fans only.

This application has very nice FAQ & Help Center located at top of your editor box where you can find answers to some basic questions including:

  • How to change the default landing tab
  • How to change the name of the tab
  • How to add more tabs
  • What is FBML mode
  • How to show your blog or website in this iframe tab

Note: As Facebook requires to use https or enable secure browsing for you apps so you may have to host your images and files on secure server, for this you can use Google sites which is free to host images and file on secure server.

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