Google +1 (recommendation) feature

By | March 31, 2011

Google plus one +1 (recommendation) feature

Google recently in its official blog has announced a new feature called “+1” button for search results. This is something like recommendation button shown along with the each search result, by pressing this button it will be shown in search results to your friends(your friends, chat buddies and contacts in Google) that you have “+1’d this” (that you like or recommend this) if they have search for the same term. Now for example your friend searches for the term “computer tips and tricks” and find a site which is very useful for him he may press “+1” button, now when you will search for the same term the search results will be shown along with your friends recommendations “the name of your friend +1’d this” or may be the number of other people will be shown that how many people have “+1’d” (recommended or liked) the particular search result.


Following are some requirements to use this feature:

Google profile:

You need a Google profile to use +1 feature, if you don’t have any profile you can create from here.

Make sure you’re signed into your Google Account:

This feature also required that you have be signed in to your Google Account so that your name can be listed along with the search results or the name of your friends can be shown, if don’t have any Google account you can create it from here.

This feature is in its initial stages they are slowly rolling it out to in English, they are also planning to show the recommendations from your friend which are on other social networking site like twitter or may be other so that you can get the most relevant recommandations.

As Google is slowly rolling out this feature it may not be available to you but you can try this feature by visiting Google experiment site.

I think this feature will be very useful as you don’t have to check every search result to find the best one, by using this feature you have to only check that how many of your friends or other people recommends it(+1’d this), saving your lot of time and bytes.


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