Some Frequently Asked Questions About Heartbleed

You may have heard of heartbleed the famous bug that spread the panic all over the internet world so you may have some questions in your mind which I tried to answer by doing some research which are: What is heartbleed bug? The Heartbleed is a bug that allows hackers to read the memory of… Read More »

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How To Publish Actions On Timeline (Updated)

On 31st May Facebook had announced few changes in open graph approval process and also Updated Open Graph Publishing Guidelines in which some important parts were: Additional publishing guideline For stories about watching a video or reading an article, you must use the built-in watch and read actions. We’ll no longer approve custom actions for… Read More »

How To Forward Emails Automatically To Facebook Inbox

It’s been awhile since Facebook launched its new messaging system with the option to get email address. If you have already claimed your Facebook email address then you can forward all your incoming emails automatically from Gmail to your Facebook inbox. Why to forward emails to Facebook The benefit of forwarding you all emails… Read More »

How To Increase Subscribers On Facebook

In September 2011 Facebook introduced the subscribe button to allow people subscribe to your public updates without being your friend. If you have already allowed people to subscribe to your public and want to increase your subscriber base then this is right place for you.

Some FAQs About Blogger

In this post I will share some very useful links for those people who have just started using the blogger so that they can find answers to some of their basic questions easily. How to generate Meta tags automatically for each blogger post Although Meta tags are not that much compulsory as they were before… Read More »

Youtube Slam

Youtube in its official blog has introduced a new feature called youtube slam. So what is Youtube Slam? According to its official blog ” Youtube slam is a video discovery experiment. Each week a new crop of videos battles head-to-head in Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance Slams, where your votes determine who wins the… Read More »

How To Publish Actions On Timeline

This is my second tutorial of Facebook application development with Open Graph series, in previous tutorial I showed you how to setup your Facebook application with Open Graph. Now in this tutorial I will teach you to how to publish actions on user’s timeline. Note: Due to changes announced by Facebook on 31st May this… Read More »

Facebook Application Development With Open Graph

This is the first tutorial of Facebook application development with Open Graph series in which I will show you how to Setup Facebook Application Setup Open Graph for App Setup Auth Dialog Preview For Authenticating user Setup Permissions So let’s start the tutorial without wasting any time, but before proceeding you can check the demo… Read More »